Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tahona Grille-new restaurant, new favorite

322 10th Street has probably always been one of the best restaurant places in town. If one were to take location, decor, and ambiance into account, this place definitely stands out. It's right downtown, it's elegant and inviting, has a great vibe, great bar, and a unique layout.

Tahona Grille brings some exciting things to this already prominent location: vision, service, quality, and fantastic food. The hostesses and server were the right kind of friendly and very helpful, and even one of the managers, Ray Garcia, stopped by our table and talked for a while about all the exciting and refreshing ideas they have for the restaurant.

We ordered the guacamole for an appetizer (suggestion: order the guacamole for an appetizer), then we read through the menu to find a selection of Italian and Mexican entrees to choose from... that's right, Tahona Grille had quite a unique blend going here as they take the fusion of culinary styles and really make it work. I ordered the California Cheesesteak (delicious) and our CVB director, Tyson Compton, ordered the California Burrito (I snuck a bite, also delicious). It seems as if all the dishes come with a certain twist however, as my cheesesteak was topped off with fresh avocado, and the burrito came with french fries--on the inside!

Overall, we all had a great experience and would gladly recommend it to visitors and locals alike.
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