Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pizza - with a twist or two...

The new kid on the block has been turning some heads... and for good reason. Backyard Pizza and Raw Bar located at 841 4th Avenue is the newest addition to an already impressive lineup of local restaurants in Downtown Huntington. The key to all the buzz surrounding their highly-anticipated opening? Taking an old Huntington favorite, then topping it off with some titillating twists!
Yes, I'm talking about the ol' the pizza pie: dough, tomato sauce, cheese, and maybe a little pepperoni or sausage, or if you're feeling adventurous maybe you add some olives or even pineapple. Sure, those ingredients sound good right about now - I mean, who doesn't love a good pizza? But Backyard Pizza has certainly made it a priority to think outside the box to the way they've approached one of our heralded meals.

The overall experience is new and exciting for this pizza place. Walking into the restaurant is a treat in itself as its tasteful decor leads to a very eclectic look and sophisticated mood. The wood fire oven that is used gives your pizza a more robust texture and a perfect crisp, and the toppings range from the classics of sausage and mozzarella to avocados, BBQ pork, ricotta, black beans, calamari, and habanero infused nacho cheese. Mouth watering yet? If for some reason it's not, maybe the raw bar would be more to your liking with items like panfried or BBQ New Orleans style oysters.

Next time you're in town, check this place out. It's good for casual dining, business lunches, or a date you want to impress.