Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Huntington Prime: an awesome experience

One of the great things about being in the tourism industry is that there is a lot of travel involved. In these travels, I've been lucky enough to experience some great sights, attractions, and restaurants from major cities all over the country. Having said this, I can truly say that we have a real gem in Huntington Prime located on 4th Ave.

The selection is wonderful and the food is incredible, and something that makes the food truly stand out is that there is a concerted effort to acquire almost all that is served at the restaurant from local sources. Today, that is a popular and important trend around the country for many reasons including how it supports the local economy and the "green" benefits of it. But usually it takes more than the food to make a restaurant special, and Huntington Prime has it all...

The service is just right and the location is great as it is right in our walkable downtown, in a great building, with a great facade, and it certainly adds a touch of class to 4th Avenue. The ambiance is perfect as it is elegant but affordable, classy but modern, eclectic but comfortable, energetic but relaxed, quaint but trendy.

If you haven't yet made it out to this local treat, you should certainly consider it.

-will @ the CVB

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